Committee on Women in Physics

The AAPT Committee on Women in Physics works toward sharing effective methods to recruit, retain, and support women in physics courses and careers, with the goal of helping women thrive in equitable physics learning spaces and physics-related environments.

Mission Statement




Committee Members

Shahida Dar, Chair (Term ending after WM2024)

Bree K. Barnett Dreyfuss (Term ending after WM2026)

Sarah Durston Johnson (Term ending after WM2026)

Mariel Meier (Term ending after WM2024)

Frances Poodry (Term ending after WM2026)

Beth A. Cunningham, Ex Officio

Julie M. McIntyre, Staff Liaison

Past Chairs

Sathya Guruswamy (2021)

Fatma M. Salman (2023)

Emily M. Marshman (2022)



  1. Seek more effective means of recruitment and retention of women in physics classes and physics-related careers.
  2. Seek methods of aiding women in physics in career development.
  3. Communicate to the AAPT membership and to the community at large the findings of the Committee, through approved AAPT channels.