Below you will find profiles and information on coaches and assistant coaches helping the Physics Team train for the world Physics Olympiad.


  • Paul Stanley

    Academic Director

    Dobson Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Beloit College. His research involves classical and quantum chaos, and varies between highly theoretical, heavily computational, and playfully experimental. In his spare time he plays the trumpet semi-professionally


  • JiaJia Dong


    Assistant professor in the Physics Department, Hamline University. Interests includes non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, particularly in biological systems. Her interests also include using computer modeling and theoretical approaches, whereas she studies the stationary and dynamic properties of these systems.

  • David Fallest


    Graduate student at North Carolina State University currently conducting research in soft condensed matter. When not occupied with studying physics, he enjoys his favorite hobby - juggling. He is happy to have joined the coaching staff in 2008

  • Andrew Lin


    Yale graduate - Silver Medalist in 1998 and Gold Medalist in 1999. Andrew was a junior coach from 2001 through 2003, and coach since 2004.

Lab Coaches

  • Warren Turner

    Senior Coach

    Associate Professor at Westfield State College in Massachusetts. Warren has been with the team since 1999 as a coach and senior lab coach in 2001 to Present

  • Qiu Zi Li

    Assistant Lab Coach

    A PhD candidate in the Physics Department at University of Maryland-College Park. She's currently doing research in the area of condensed matter theory.