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Parker Huntington

Centerville, OH

Centerville HS

Grade: Junior


Science Olympiad, RC airplanes, electronics, learning languages, going for walks, sailing, drawing, learning something, growing plants


Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Math Club, Youth Group, Dayton Flight Masters


National Honor Society (2016); National Science Bowl (2016): Double Elimination Competitor; Science Olympiad (2010-2016): 2nd and 5th at the 2015 National Competition in Experimental Design and It’s About Time respectively, “Rookie of the Year” (2015)


I come from the side yard space ship, a sturdy construction of six logs. Imagination has characterized the majority of my life. I twisted and mangled small facts to imagine great loopholes within the universe, or consolidate the construction of a house down to a single robotic arm. While learning more has taught me that houses usually require more attention than a single machine, science can be carefully manipulated into interesting mechanisms and results. After learning, I am continually astounded at the great continuity and fundamental simplicity of the universe. Following from that, I find that science—and math—can be intuitive and intriguing. That is why I love physics.

I have grown up in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio and found that as my parents grow older, they tend to migrate south in intervals of about ten minute drives. Fortunately, I have only traveled up the scholarly ladder of the school system. In elementary school, I often found myself gravitating to the book “The World of Science” during my mandatory reading sessions. In the small school library, I was in the little non-fiction corner that was tucked away beneath swaths of fables, though later I learned to enjoy those stories too. From there I acquired a particular affinity for electricity. Then at the beginning of my Middle School career, electricity helped to propel me into the Science Olympiad program. In Science Olympiad, I broadened my horizons and learned about the diversity of science and how to go about it. By my eighth grade year, the middle school decided that I had learned enough and sent me to learn more about Biology across the street at the high school. I was inspired to continue to push myself in terms of what I could learn, and, once I joined the high school team, shifted to a more competitive focus. Following my heavy involvement with Science Olympiad, I decided to return back to the middle school program and help to coach.

Outside of any of my scholastic endeavors, I value my beliefs. From my experience I have come to the idea that the most important principle is to love people. Perhaps I hold an idealistic view, however idealism has an important place in life. It provides something to aspire towards. Without hope the world would be desolate, empty.

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