This page will be updated periodically with important information about the 2023 F=ma exam, USAPhO exam, and the U.S. Physics Team training camp.


Student scores were sent to teachers/proctors by email Monday, March 6th.  If this email was not received, please let us know.


The grading of the F=ma exam has been completed, statistics/results will be posted next week.

The qualifying score to move on to the USAPhO exam is 18 and above.  Individual student scores will be emailed to the exam proctors in a couple of days.


Solutions for the F=ma exam are available at this LINK.

Student scores are being compiled, they should be available by the end of February and will be emailed to the exam proctors.

Once scoring is complete, we will post the results and the cutoff scores to qualify for the USAPhO exam. The teachers/proctors who have student(s) that qualify to take the USAPhO exam will be receiving an email informing them which of their student(s) have qualified.


PLEASE NOTE: Proctors for the upcoming F=ma exam should have received two emails with instructions for the exam. The first email was sent February 2nd, and an additional email was sent today, February 7th.

If you are a proctor, and you have not received these emails, please email us at, and let us know that you have not received anything.


The 2023 F=ma exam will be one day only, February 9, 2023.  The exam window on February 9th is 7am to 8pm EST. The exam will be expected to be conducted within a classroom setting, or proctored by an approved proctor.



Registration for the F=ma exam is now open.  Register online with a credit card, or by mail with a check or purchase order at the REGISTRATION page.