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Using Astronomy to Teach Physics Workshop

Using Astronomy to Teach Physics 
Endorsed by APS and the AAPT Committee on Space Science and Astronomy
July 27–30, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

The discoveries and technologies of astronomy, astrophysics, and space science are rich in physics.  Stars orbiting a black hole at the center of our Galaxy, exo-planets, and quantitative cosmology – and the technologies that underlie them – such as IR detectors, multi-mirror telescopes, long baseline radio interferometry, orbiting x-ray and gamma-ray telescopes – are a few examples.

These discoveries and technologies tell us our place in the universe.  Every student should know this story; every physics student should know its underlying physics.

The workshop’s goal is to explore ways to use the fruits of astronomy to enrich college and university physics instruction. 

The University of Nebraska Lincoln will host the UATP workshop, July 27–30, 2011. 

For an invitation and registration information, contact Kevin Lee at UNL ( or Charles H. Holbrow (  The capacity of the workshop is limited, so inquire soon.

 Prospectus and Draft Program