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The AAPT supports and co-sponsors a number of activities and programs for high school physics students. Get your students excited about physics!

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SPS Internship at AAPT
Each year, the AAPT hosts one undergraduate Society of Physics Student (SPS) with demonstrated interest in physics education. Interns are provided a stipend to live in DC and work at the AAPT during the summer. Applications are typically due in mid-January. Learn more about our prior interns, Justine Boecker and Simon Wright.
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Outstanding Student Awards
AAPT members can nominate up to three students each year for recognition as an Outstanding Student. Recognition includes an attractive certificate and a listing of the students (and their teachers) on the AAPT website.
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U.S. Physics Team
AAPT and the American Institute of Physics (AIP) sponsor the annual competition for the selection of the country's top 20 high school physics students. Five of these students become the Traveling Team that will represent the U.S. Physics Team at the International Physics Olympiad Competition. The top 400 students, their teachers, and their schools are recognized on the AAPT website.
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physics bowl
Physics Bowl
High school students compete for valuable awards and gifts in this timed, multiple choice test. The Physics Bowl is supervised by your school and administered throughout the country each April.
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photo contest
High School Physics Photo Contest
Participating students submit a photo exemplifying physics phenomena with an explanation of the underlying physics. Prizes are awarded for first, second, and third place winners in the Contrived and Natural categories and are featured in our annual calendar. Certificates are given out for honorable mention, and prizes are awarded for the teachers of winning students.
Adopt a physicist in the field by connecting the classroom to the workplace through forums and discussion. Register for the next upcoming session!
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Physics To Go
Hosted at, Physics To Go is a growing network of educational resource collections where you can encourage students to explore physics on their own. Get updates about physics in the world, home, and in research.
Team America Rocketry Challenge
The world's largest rocket design launch contest, with approximately 7,000 students participating each year. TARC encourages middle and high school students in their student of STEM.
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