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2017 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "A Key Concept"

    Kamryn Blair Abraskin

    Glenbrook North High School

    Teacher: Anthony Valsamis

  • "A Shocking Faraday Cage"

    Honorable Mention, Contrived Category




  • "Pink is the New Blue"

    Kiara Kirsten Au

    Crofton House School

    Teacher: Teresa Schwartz

  • "The Cooling Effects of Thermal Conductivity in Metal Pipes"

    Garrett Barilar

    Central Columbia

    Teacher: Tom Gill

  • "Phonebook Friction"

    Aaron Bergman

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "Reflecting on a Lotus Pond"

    Swagat Bhattacharyya

    Morgantown High School

    Teacher: Elvira Stanescu

  • "Smile for the Camera!"

    1st Place, Contrived Category

    Ryan Michael Brohm

    Pleasant Valley High School

    Teacher: Ian Spangenberg

  • "Spring Has Sprung"

    Michaela Emma Brooke

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Daniel DuBrow

  • "The Power of Lightning"

    Angelia Bulatao

    West Boca Raton Community High School

    Teacher: Elizabeth Wenk

  • "The world is a beautiful place"

    Junyang Cai

    Nanjing Jinling High School

    Teacher: Weimin Ma

  • "The Great Orion Nebula"

    David Cantillo

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "The Sky is the Limit"

    Sydney Renee Carey

    Pinnacle High

    Teacher: Michael Vargas

  • "Mirror, Mirror on the Pool"

    Lauren Mae Carmon


    Teacher: Kevin Sweeney

  • "Two Candles Spinning on a Lazy Susan"

    2nd Place, Contrived Category

    Alexander Kai-Feng Chan

    Pickerington High School North

    Teacher: Doug Forrest

  • "Spouting Hole Blowhole"

    Janis Chen

    Deerfield Academy

    Teacher: Mark Acton

  • "Heart of Shadows"

    Crystal Chiu

    Freehold High School

    Teacher: Mrs. Erin Rudowski

  • "Optics in a Sunrise or Sunset"

    Camryn Meredith Cohen

    Mamaroneck High School

    Teacher: Elena Filippova

  • "Berry Blur"

    Donson Dong

    University Transition Program

    Teacher: Ludmilla Shepelev

  • ""Bee-t" Frequency"

    Andre Dos Santos

    Canyon Springs HS

    Teacher: Divina Elbo

  • "Rolling Along"

    Samuel Brett Erens

    Glenbrook North High School

    Teacher: Robert Froehlich
































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