2009 High School Photo Contest Photos

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Honorable Mention - Contrived

Title: Reflection of Light by the Cornea
Student: Heather Rebecca Wilcox
School: West Geauga High School, Chesterland, Ohio
Teacher: Natalie Cooper

Not only does the cornea refract light, but it also reflects about 3% of it. This is a rather large percentage in comparison to the less than .3% total that other surfaces of the eye reflect. This is due to the considerable change in index of refraction traveling from air to cornea. The image formed when light reflects off of the cornea's curved, shiny surface, is virtual, upright, and smaller than the actual object. We can therefore conclude that the cornea acts as a convex mirror. (Due to the "mirror image" aspect of a reflection, the letters on the paper were written in reverse so that the image appeared to be written left to right.)

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