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Pringles Anyone? by Joshua C Thammavongsa

3rd Place - Contrived Category

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School: West Boca Raton Community High School

Teacher: Maria Aparicio

This is a picture of Pringles stacked together to form a ring. Beginning with a single Pringles chip, I started stacking more chips on top of it. This is similar to a lever, where the first chip acts as the fulcrum and the second and third chips are the beam. The next chips have to be stacked on each side of the lever equally so that the Pringles are at static equilibrium. Since each side of the lever has the same amount of chips with equal mass, the first chip is under all the other chips, and both sides of the lever have the same amount of force, resulting in a net force of 0N. With the use of a lever and Pringles uniquely shaped chips, a delicious ring of Pringles can be formed

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