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Modelling Doppler Effect by Kevin Chung

Honorable - Contrived Category

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School: Albany High School

Teacher: Valerie Risk

Who, as a student, has never felt bored looking at the uninteresting and overused illustrations of different physical phenomenons in the physics textbook? I personally loathed them. I am more of a visual learner, and for me, surely some of the most interesting phenomenon we can learn as high school students were stamped out as boring after seeing the textbook illustrations for them. I remembered this and decided to create a photographic illustration of my own. I remember, when I learned about the Doppler Effect, the classic fire engine illustration, and thinking if one could possibly be any less creative. Thus I grabbed the GoPRO and sneaked into the swimming pool in my friend's old apartment. In the photo, I blew multiple rings underwater and ultimately lined them up in a way that clearly models the Doppler Effect. The rings are clearly skewed to one side to illustrate the rise in the resulting frequency as the source of the sound (or rings in this case) move in respect to the observer (the camera). All in a day's effort to make this world a better place for AP physics students.

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