eNNOUNCER September 2015


2015 AAPT Executive Board Election

The election of officers for the AAPT Executive Board will take place between September 16 and November 3. Members will receive instructions through email or, if no email is on file, through the mail to help you vote electronically. Those elected will take office at the close of the 2016 Winter Meeting. Learn more about the candidates.

Members will also have the opportunity to vote on the new AAPT By-Laws during this election. Read more.

2015 Summer Meeting Highlights

With more than 1300 attendees, the 2015 Summer Meeting had the highest number of participants of any past AAPT meeting. Chartered in 1856 as the Maryland Agricultural College, the University of Maryland presented a unique perspective of the old and new for this unsurpassed opportunity to interact as a physics education community. Read more.

Connections Matter, You could win a free trip to SM16

Did you know that 75% of AAPT members joined because they were invited by a colleague. Here are some helpful tips. Share the benefits of membership with your colleagues, friends, and associates by participating in AAPT's Connections Matter program. You could earn a free trip for one to the 2016 Summer Meeting in Sacramento, California.

AAPT's 2015 eMentoring Webinar

eMentor Coordinator Danielle Spaete Steps Down

The AAPT would like to extend gratitude to Danielle Spaete for her service to the AAPT eMentoring program throughout 2014-2015 academic year. In September of last year, Danielle stepped forward to help coordinate the program when long-time coordinator and eMentoring founder Al Thompson retired from the position. During her time as a coordinator, Danielle helped to institute additional supports for the program, including a monthly webinar series, a new brochure, and an article in the January issue of The Physics Teacher: "Why you need [to be] a mentor." Danielle has stepped down from the position in order to spend more time to enjoy the "science of the outdoors" with her family and friends as she embarks on a new journey in retirement. To learn more about the AAPT eMentoring program, please visit ementoring.aapt.org or contact AAPT K-12 Program Manager Rebecca Vieyra at rvieyra@aapt.org.

Upcoming eMentoring webinar:

September 17 at 8 PM Eastern - "Phenomenon-Based Learning: Fun, Cooperative Learning through Exploration and Discovery" - with Matt Bobrowsky, co-author of the Gizmos & Gadgets series of books from NSTA Press.

Participate in this webinar to learn about teaching physics with gizmos and gadgets. Guest speaker Matt Bobrowsky will present a number of ideas for toys and instructional approaches that can be useful to teaching fundamental physics concepts through fun phenomena. This is webinar #9 of the eMentoring program, but is open to all AAPT members. This webinar is appropriate for teachers of all grade levels, including those who do educational outreach with the general public. Join at https://goo.gl/WeLWse

New to eMentoring - Instant Mentor

Are you an early-career high school physics teacher who sometimes wishes you had "immediate" feedback from an experienced mentor, but don't need a full mentorship pairing? If so, consider seeking help through the AAPT's free Program new "Instant Mentor" option, and a registered eMentor volunteer will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner. Submit your request for an instant Mentor at ementoring.aapt.org.

2016 AAPT Winter Meeting Abstracts

Abstracts will be accepted for the 2016 AAPT Winter Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana until September 9, 2015. Contributed talks and poster abstracts received after the deadline of September 9, will be placed in the post-deadline sessions on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. The last day to submit a post-deadline abstract is November 4, 2015. All abstracts will be accepted, however only abstract authors who have registered by November 10 will be scheduled for presentation. You can check the AAPT website in late October for a complete program. Click here to submit an abstract

AAPT Programs

2015 High School Physics Photo Contest

One of the fun opportunities during the AAPT Summer Meeting is reviewing and voting on the top 100 photos as selected by the Committee on Physics in High Schools under the direction of Tommi Holsenbeck. The votes have been tallied and the winning entries are posted. View here. Congratulations to the winning students and their teachers.

Apparatus Competition

The Apparatus Competition was established to recognize, reward, and publicize worthwhile contributions to physics teaching through demonstration and experiment. With huge advances in technology, many physics apparatus are now commercially available. But even with these advances,physics research still requires the inventive spirit of designing and building experimental apparatus one's self. All of this year's winners were low cost and innovative. Download the Apparatus Competition Booklet and see the winning entries. Read more

TYC Physics Bowl Interest Survey

OAAPT is conducting a short survey to gauge interest in offering a Two-Year College Division of the PhysicsBowl contest. The PhysicsBowl is a timed multiple-choice exam that deals with material found in high school classes including introductory conceptual physics, the AP Physics sequences, and some topics in modern physics. If you are a two-year college faculty member please watch your email for an invitation and link to the survey.

AAPT Announces the 2015 Recipients of the Frederick and Florence Bauder Endowment Grants

The AAPT Bauder Committee has announced that eight applicant projects will receive the 2015 Bauder Grants in support of physics teaching. Read more

Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop

Nominations for the November 19-22 Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop are now open. Department chairs should nominate their new faculty members before September 18, 2015. click here

More from your Membership, Update your AAPT Profile

It is a new academic year, do you have new contact information? Login at aapt.org and update your profile information to assure that you receive all of your benefits. While your are logged in your can renew your membership for the coming year. Contact your Member Services  Department at 301-209-3333, or  by e-mail at membership@aapt.org if  you need assistance, or have further questions.

In the News

Submit Your Lesson Plan for a Chance at $500!

Interested in winning $500 for your classroom? SaveOnEnergy.com® is looking for the best lesson plans for teaching students about energy or sustainability. Save on Energy teaches consumers of all ages about the many aspects of energy in our Learning Center through blog posts, videos and infographics. Now it's your turn to create a lesson plan that can help kids learn about energy.

For more information elizabeth@email.saveonenergy.com or visit https://www.saveonenergy.com/teacher-grant/

STEM Genome - Participating in Our Survey

The STEM Genome is a large-scale research effort that works to understand evidence based STEM outcomes. To understand ‘what works’ we are surveying the existing evaluation literature, experts, and practitioners in STEM education. This information will ultimately help in appreciating the programs, interventions, and strategies that effectively produce better outcomes for STEM education. For additional information contact: Dr. Gina Spitz, Research Director, STEM Genome, Impact Genome Project®, gspitz@missionmeasurement.com or call (312)899-1800 x1013

Cool Science Videos with Lesson Plans

Inside Science, a news and information service for the general public that is produced by the American Institute of Physics, has just released STEM lesson plans for two of its most popular videos: Ping Pong Balls Break the Sound Barrier, and Bubbles, Bottles, and Breakages. The lesson plans, which were reviewed by AAPT staff and members, aim to provide supplemental content that is useful in the classroom by offering teacher questions, student activities, and lists of associated science standards. Click on the above links to download the lesson plans.

Inclusive Excellence: 2017 Undergraduate Science Education Grants

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute recently announced a new competition for science education grants to colleges and universities called "Inclusive Excellence: Engaging all students in science."

Writing in Undergraduate Physics

Do you include substantial writing assignments in your undergraduate physics courses? Do you want to know more about how writing can be used to address many issues in undergraduate education? If so, please consider participating in the International Conference on Writing Across the Curriculum to be hosted by the University of Michigan, June 23-26, 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI. More information about the conference can be found at https://iwac2016.org/cfp/

Free Webinar on Seizing Value from Scientific Conference Participation

Join us for this indispensable webinar detailing how to maximize the value of attending an academic or industry conference. Topics include how to behave with speakers, how to meet the most important people at the conferences, and how to identify the most valuable sessions, events, and other experiences available. Conference etiquette (proper behavior and dress) and follow-up will also be discussed. Register for this free event, being held on September 17, 2015 at 2PM ET and co-sponsored by AAPT.

Galileo's World: OU celebrates 125 years with massive exhibition

The University of Oklahoma, the home of the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics, is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a major exhibit on Galileo's World. Read more

Physics Careers

Jobs Announcements from the Career Center

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Online Physics Tutor

More Physics Resources

The International Year of Light K-8 teacher resources

In celebration of the International Year of Light, Laser Classroom has several new resources for K-8 teachers.

First is a series of videos that walks teachers through the IYL Kit - the 4 videos total about 30 minutes and go over the kit's contents and the activities in the accompanying booklet.

Colors and materials
Shadows and Refraction

Second is a free, 5 week, self-paced, online professional development course via Canvas.net for formal and informal educators around teaching light and optics with kids ages 6-14. Details and registration

Galileoscope Launches 2015 International Year of Light Programs

The Galileoscope program for the 2015 International Year of Light (IYL) is now in full swing, with new inventory available for delivery worldwide, and thousands of K-12 teachers and students in the United States poised to receive free telescope kits thanks to a generous donation to support science education. Created for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA), the Galileoscope solved a long-standing problem: the lack of a high-quality, low-cost telescope kit suitable for both optics education and celestial observation. Order your Galileoscope at www.galileoscope.org

“Try This Experiment Right Now” video series is perfect for Back to School

Nine Original Videos starring Anna Spitz and writer/director James Lincoln provide examples of experiments you can perform immediately with just the cell phone in your pocket or the computer in front of you. Many of these demos have never been seen or explained anywhere else!

See Your Retina Teaches you how to look at the blood vessels in the back of your eye!
Hear Ultrasonic Connects you to an easy test to the upper limit of human hearing
Easy Beats shows how simple it is to demonstrate soundwave interference
Up Down Dizzy teaches about the inner ear and a new way to experience dizziness
Audio Triangulation shows that the speed of sound in air is slower than you think
Sing Happy Birthday reveals why Americans always start that song on the same note
Hear Your Muscles a fun and easy way to find out what muscles sound like
Newton’s Eye Poke a little known classic experiment from the master himself
Credit Card Diffraction the easiest diffraction experiment you will ever do!

All the videos can be found at the AAPT Films Page

Social Media @ AAPT

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Section News

To list your section meeting in the AAPT Calendar of Events, e-mail the information to mgardner@aapt.org. See the July 2015 Section News.


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