Committee Members

Zhongzhou Chen (Term ending after WM2022)

Daniel Doucette (Term ending after WM2022)

Alexandru Maries (Term ending after WM2020)

Geoff Potvin (Term ending after WM2022)

Idaykis Rodriguez (Term ending after WM2020)

Benjamin T. Spike (Term ending after WM2020)

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio

Gabriel C. Spalding, Ex Officio

Past Chairs

Alexandru Maries (2017)

Zhongzhou Chen (2018)

Christopher Porter (2019)




  1. Provide a forum for consideration of topics relevant to graduate instruction in physics.
  2. Through communication with the Committee on Physics in Undergraduate Education and with the AAPT membership, seek ways in which students may be better prepared for the transition from undergraduate school to graduate school, and ways in which students may emerge from graduate school better prepared for undergraduate teaching as well as academic and industrial research.
  3. Aid in keeping the AAPT membership and other academic and research physicists aware of effective means of conducting graduate instruction in physics, in classrooms and in research.
  4. Provide effective communication, through accepted channels, between AAPT and research oriented scientific and engineering societies with overlapping interests.