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Get involved with AAPT's ongoing K-12 initiatives to support physics teachers and physics education.

Physics Master Teacher Leader Taskforce
Duration: Summer 2016 - Spring 2017 w/extended opportunities

This taskforce is meant to be a response to the growing national need for teacher leadership at the K-12 level. This is a result of collaborative efforts by the AAPT (including the Physics Teaching Resource Agent program), the American Modeling Teachers Association, and the Physics Teacher Education Coalition. This taskforce will look at ways that the AAPT can support this elevation of the teaching profession through ongoing professional development and leadership programs. See a blog entry announcing the 17 K-12 taskforce members and 13 advisory members.

Events - Get Involved!
The 17 taskforce and advisory members were selected in July 2016, are currently engaging in virtual discussions, and will meet face-to-face at the American Center for Physics from December 2-4. A final report to the AAPT Board describing sample and suggested models for physics teacher leadership will be presented in February 2016. Following the report, a working group is likely to be sought out to begin building and implementing the suggested programs. If interested in learning more, please reach out to rvieyra@aapt.org.
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American Center for Physics


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