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David Field

Traveling Team

Andover, MA

Phillips Andover Academy

Grade: Senior


Running, hiking, rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, philosophy and politics


Math Team, Science Team, Rock Climbing Team, Andover First Amendment Society, Darsana


Red Mop 2008, USAMO 2008-2009, AIME 2006-2009, 2008-2009 US Physics Team, Silver Medal at the IPhO in 2009, Siemens Award for Advanced Placement


I've lived in Andover for most of my life. I went to public school for elementary and middle school, and now I am a day student at Phillips Andover Academy. I recently skipped 11th grade, and will be going to MIT next year. I plan to double major in physics and applied math.

I'm very passionate about rock climbing, and spend much of my free time climbing outdoors. I also help run the Search and Rescue program at my school.

Math and science have always been my favorite subjects, and since seventh grade I've been accelerating my study of them beyond the normal pace of my school. This year I studied Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Hyperbolic Geometry.

This is my third year on the US Physics team. I've had amazing experiences with the team for the past two years, and I'm really looking forward to the training camp this year.

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