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The Olympiad is a nine-day international competition among pre-university students from more than 60 nations. — AAPT.ORG

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Eric Chen

San Diego, CA

Canyon Crest Academy

Grade: Senior


Fencing, Reading, Listening to music, Teaching, Card and board games, Devouring dragons


Math Team, Physics Team, Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, Academic Team, Fencing Club, Club Intrigue (STEM outreach), Science Fair Club


United States Physics Team (2013, 2014), Intel STS First Place Winner (2014), Google Science Fair Grand Prize Winner (2013), Siemens Competition First Place Individual (2013), Coca-Cola Scholar (2014), Intel ISEF Finalist (2013, 2014) First Place Grand Award Winner (2013), USA Math Olympiad Qualifier (2012, 2013), USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist (2012, 2013, 2014), Physics Bowl 10th place in Division II (2013), USA Fencing Junior Olympics Qualifier (2013)


This past year has been a dizzying roller coaster ride in which friction can be neglected. I've been fortunate to have all of the amazing opportunities that I have had, one of which is returning to physics camp! Being part of camp last year offered me the chance to make many new friends and to gain a deeper appreciation for physics. Now I am definitely looking forward to reuniting with returning campers and coaches and getting to know all the new ones!

Many of the fantastic events I've been to are science fairs where I was not only able to present my own work, but also see and learn from the work of fellow students and peers. The events also allowed me to take part in some very unique opportunities, including riding a self-driving car, ringing the New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell, and meeting and shaking hands with President Obama. Other events include attending or speaking at symposiums, one of which was a TedX Youth event hosted at my school. And of course, last year's physics camp was definitely a highlight. When anyone asks me what the best part of these events is, I always say it is meeting and getting to know so many students from diverse backgrounds.

Still, some of my proudest moments have been in giving back to the community. With my science outreach club, I've been able to start new science programs at many elementary and middle schools and speak to hundreds of kids. I'm inspired by the boundless enthusiasm of these students, and I'm always very excited to see them falling in love with science.

My own path in science started with questions, many times about why or how. Whether it is why stars twinkle or how traffic lights work, physics has always been there to answer those questions. Physics is the most fundamental science in that it provides the basis upon which fields like chemistry and biology are built. Maybe that's why it's so fascinating to me, and I'm looking forward to learning more about it this year at camp.

Of course, I would again like to thank all of my teachers and mentors for their guidance, as well as my family and friends for their support throughout my high school career. I will be attending Harvard University in the fall, and I'm looking forward to new adventures in college!

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