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The monument to General Andrew Jackson at Jackson Square was the world's first equestrian statue in which the horse had more than one foot off the base. — www.experienceneworleans.com

Abstract Submission Page

The abstract database for WM13 is Closed.

Post-Deadline Abstracts

All contributed talks and poster abstracts received after the deadline of October 9, will be placed in the post-deadline sessions on Wednesday, January 9. The last day to submit a post-deadline is Sunday, December 9.

Speaker Registration

All submitted abstracts will be accepted for the winter meeting. Please check the AAPT website by mid-November for the date and time of your presentation. A minimum of one-day registration is required for all contributed/poster presenters. Due to the situation on the East Coast AAPT has decided to extend the speaker deadline to November 16. All presenters must be registered by Friday, November 16, otherwise your abstract will not be included in the program.


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