2004 HS Photo Contest Winners

2004 High School Photo Contest Winners

2004 High School Photo Contest Winners
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129th AAPT National Meeting , Sacramento, CA

Each year, AAPT organizes a High School Physics Photo Contest. Physics students around the country are challenged to submit a photo illustrating a physics concept. The students are required to take the photo themselves and include a written summary of the physics occurring in the photo. The following photos were judged at the 129th AAPT National Meeting in Sacramento, CA.

Look for information about next year's contest in the Spring Announcer and online: http://www.aapt.org/Contests/photocontest.cfm.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size view of the image and a description of the physics demonstrated in the photograph.

Natural Category

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First Place
Carrie Dawson
Warren Hills High School
Teacher: J. Cosgrove
[45 KB]
Second Place
Anya Levinson
Crystal Springs Uplands School
Teacher: Tom Woosnam
[40 KB]
Third Place
Rana Malay
Hurlston Agricultural High School
Teacher: Mr. Pitt
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Honorable Mention
Michael Page
The Pingry School
Teacher: Joan Hearst

Contrived Category

[33 KB]
First Place
Patrick Ryan Moore
North Carolina School of Science
Teacher: Loren Winters
[34 KB]
Second Place
Henry Sears
John Burroughs School
Teacher: Mark Schober
[45 KB]
Third Place
Matt Carpenter
Noble and Greenough School
Teacher: Christine Pasterczyk
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Honorable Mention
Miguel Cortel
Bell High School
Teacher: Diana Hall

Special Award

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Most Artisic
Michaela Lischer
Kantonsschule Limmattal
Teacher: Max Ziegler
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Photographer's Prize
Cecelia Duggan
Spanish River Community High School
Teacher: Maria Aparicio
[25 KB]
Special Recognition
Robert Ochshorn
Ithaca High School
Teacher: Deborah Lynn
[39 KB]
Special Recognition
Jeffrey Tyson
Troy Athens High School
Teacher: Jennifer Guenther
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