Anonymous Review

The American Journal of Physics has adopted the policy of two-way anonymous review beginning in September 2020.  

Author information should not be included in the submitted manuscript.  This policy helps assure that a manuscript written by a Nobel laureate receives the same scrutiny as one written by an assistant professor.  We believe that all our reviewers strive to provide fair and unbiased reviews; however, we also know that many research studies show that unconscious bias due to many sources affects our decisions.  

In addition to removing author information from the top of the manuscript, authors should modify acknowledgements.  If the text refers to their institutions, it can be replaced with a description, such as "large public university."  References to previous work by the same authors may be harder to modify, so here, we request that reviewers complete an initial read-through of the manuscript without checking the references, so that they can form an unbiased first impression of it.