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See also "One Hundred Resource Letters, 1962-1995" (Am. J. Phys. 63 (4), 303-306 (1995)) for a chronological list of the first 100 Resource Letters, published through April 1995.

Subject Categories Acoustics
  1. MA-1 "Musical Acoustics" (Thomas D. Rossing, 1975)
  2. MA-2 "Musical Acoustics" (Thomas D. Rossing, 1987)
  3. APPO-1 "Acoustics for Physics Pedagogy and Outreach" (Kent L. Gee and Tracianne B. Neilsen, 2014)
  1. SO-1"Kinematics and Dynamics of Satellite Orbits" (Leon Blitzer, 1963)
  2. OE-1"Origin of the Elements" (William A. Fowler and William E. Stephens, 1968)
  3. RC-1 "Cosmology" (Michael P. Ryan, Jr. and L. C. Shepley, 1976)
  4. BH-1 "Black Holes" (Steven Detweiler, 1981)
  5. XRA-1 "X-Ray Astronomy" (Claude R. Canizares, 1984)
  6. CPP-1 "Cosmology and Particle Physics" (David Lindley, Edward W. Kolb, and David N. Schramm, 1988)
  7. ETC-1 "Extraterrestrial Civilization" (Thomas B.H. Kuiper and Glen David Brin, 1989)
  8. AP-1 "The Anthropic Principle" (Yuri V. Balashov, 1991)
  9. RP-1 "Radio Pulsars" (Joel M. Weisberg, 1993)
  10. TACMB-1 "The Theory of Anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background" (Martin White and J. D. Cohn, 2002)
  11. OTS-1 "Observations and Theory of Supernovae" (J. Craig Wheeler, 2003)
  12. PEs-1 "Physical Eschatology" (Milan M. Cirkovic, 2003)
  13. DEAU-1 "Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe" (Eric V. Linder, 2008)
  14. BH-2 "Black Holes" (Elena Gallo and Donald Marolf, 2009)
  15. SPh-1 "Solar Physics"  (Jay M. Pasachoff, 2010)
  16. PTG-1 "Precision Tests of Gravity" (Clifford M. Will, 2010)
  17. Exo-1 "Exoplanets" (Michael Perryman, 2014)
  18. HECR-1 "High-Energy Cosmic Rays" (Kumiko Kotera and Angela V. Olinto, 2014)
  19. SW-1 "Space Weather" (Daniel N. Baker and LouisJ. Lanzerotti, 2016)
  20. OSE-1 "Observing Solar Eclipses" (Jay M. Pasachoff, and Andrew Fraknoi, 2017)
Atomic and  Molecular Physics
  1. MOP-1"Masers (Microwave Through Optical) and Optical Pumping" (H. W. Moos, 1964)
  2. MB-1 "Experiments with Molecular Beams" (Jens C. Zorn, 1964)
  3. XR-1"X Rays" (Leonard Muldawer, 1969)
  4. SR-1 "Synchrotron Radiation" (G. Margaritondo and J. H. Weaver, 1984)
  5. AHRS-1 "Atoms in High Rydberg States" (F. B. Dunning, 1985)
  6. TNA-1 "Trapping of Neutral Atoms" (Nathan R. Newbury and Carl E. Wieman, 1996)
  7. LBMOM-1 "Laser-Based Modern Optical Microscopy" (Joseph M. Imhof and David A. Vanden Bout, 2003)
  8. LBOT-1 "Laser-Based Optical Tweezers" (Matthew J. Lang and Steven M. Block, 2003)
  9. VWCPF-1"van der Waals and Casimir-Polder forces" (Kimball A. Milton, 2011)
Biological and Medical Physics
  1. PB-1"Physics and Biology" (D. James Baker, Jr., 1966)
  2. BE-1"Biomedical Engineering" (Curtis C. Johnson, 1971)
  3. TPB-1"Theoretical Physics and Biology" (N. MacDonald, 1974)
  4. MP-1 "Medical Physics" (Russell K. Hobbie, 1985)
  5. PS-1 "Physics of Sports" (Cliff Frohlich, 1986)
  6. PPPP-1 "Physical Principles of Physiological Phenomena" (Bernard Hoop, 1987)
  7. MI-1 "Medical Imaging" (Stephen J. Riederer, 1992)
  8. BELFEF-1 "Biological Effects of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields" (David Hafemeister, 1996)
  9. EIRLD-1 "Effects of Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses" (Richard Wilson, 1999)
  10. RA-1 "Risk Analysis" (Richard Wilson, 2002)
  11. PFBi-1 "Physical frontiers in biology" (Eugenie Vorburger Mielczarek, 2006)
  12. PMB-1 "The Physics of Biomolecular Machines" (Debashish Chowdhury, 2009)
  13. MPRT-1 "Medical Physics in Radiation Therapy" (Steven T. Ratliff, 2009)
  14. MP-2 "Medical Physics" (Russell K. Hobbie and Bradley J. Roth, 2009)
  15. PS-2 "Physics of Sports" (Cliff Frohlich, 2011)
  16. BSSMF-1 "Biological Sensing of Static Magnetic Fields" (Leonard Finegold, 2012)
  17. EIRLD-2 "Effects of Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses" (Richard Wilson, 2012)
  18. PB-1 "The Physics of the Brain" (Christian G. Fink, 2018)
  19. BP-1 "Biological physics" (Raghuveer Parthasarathy, 2021)
Computational Physics
  1. CP-1 "Computational Physics" (Paul L. DeVries, 1996)
  2. CP-2 "Computational Physics" (Rubin H. Landau, 2008)
  3. CP-3 "Computational Physics" (Timothy Atherton, 2023)
Condensed Matter/Soft Matter Physics
  1. F-1 "Friction" (Ernest Rabinowicz, 1963)
  2. Scy-1"Superconductivity" (D. M. Ginsberg, 1964)
  3. Scr-1"Semiconductors" (Paul Handler, 1964)
  4. LH-1"Liquid Helium" (C. T. Lane, 1967)
  5. OEPM-1"Ordinary Electronic Properties of Metals" (D. N. Langenberg, 1968)
  6. Scy-2"Superconductivity" (D. M. Ginsberg, 1970)
  7. SH-1 "Superfluid Helium" (Robert B. Hallock, 1982)
  8. FR-1 "Fractals" (Alan J. Hurd, 1988)
  9. LC-1 "Liquid Crystals: Physics and Applications" (Renate J. Ondris-Crawford, Gregory P. Crawford, and J. William Doane, 1995)
  10. EPA-1 "Electronic Polymers and their Applications" (James W. Blatchford and Arthur J. Epstein, 1996)
  11. ND-1 "Nonlinear Dynamics" (Robert C. Hilborn and Nicholas B. Tufillaro, 1997)
  12. Sol-1 "Solitons" (Antonio Degasperis, 1998)
  13. ScL-1 "Scaling Laws" (Kurt Wiesenfeld, 2001)
  14. MesP-1 "Mesoscopic Physics" (Leonid I. Glazman, 2002)
  15. FMMLS-1 "Friction at Macroscopic and Microscopic Length Scales" (Jacqueline Krim, 2002)
  16. BEC-1 "Bose-Einstein Condensates in trapped dilute gases" (David S. Hall, 2003)
  17. CC-1 "Controlling Chaos" (Daniel J. Gauthier, 2003)
  18. GP-1 "Granular Physics or Nonlinear Dynamics in a Sandbox" (James Kakalios, 2005)
  19. STMN-1 "Spin Transport in Magnetic Nanostructures" (Kristl Hathaway and E. Dan Dahlberg, 2007)
  20. Scy-3 "Superconductivity" (N. P. Butch, M. C. de Andrade, and M. B. Maple, 2008)
  21. CS-1 "Complex Systems" (Mark Newman, 2011)
  22. N-1 "Nanotechnology" (Devin Cela, Mildred Dresselhaus, Tingying Helen Zeng, Mauricio Terrones, Antonio G. Souza Filho, and Odair P. Ferreira, 2014)
  23. SOP-1 "Self-Organizing Physics" (Donald T. Jacobs, 2015)
  1. AT-1"Achievement Testing" (Haym Kruglak, 1965)
  2. CM-1"Teaching of Angular Momentum and Rigid Body Motion" (John I. Shonle, 1965)
  3. BSPF-1"A Bibliography of Selected Physics Films" (William R. Riley, 1968)
  4. EP-1 "Educational Psychology" (J. W. George Ivany, 1969)
  5. EMAA-1"Educational Materials in Astronomy and Astrophysics" (Richard Berendzen and David DeVorkin, 1973)
  6. PCP-1"Pre-College Physics Curriculum Materials" (Lester G. Paldy and Clifford E. Swartz, 1973)
  7. EMAA-2 "Laboratory Experiences for Elementary Astronomy" (Haym Kruglak, 1976)
  8. PhD-1 "Physics Demonstrations" (John A. Davis and Bruce G. Eaton, 1979)
  9. CPE-1 "Computers in Physics Education" (Robert G. Fuller, 1986)
  10. PER-1 "Physics Education Research" (Lillian C. McDermott and Edward F. Redish, 1999)
  11. EPGA-1 "The Education of Physics Graduate Assistants" (E. Leonard Jossem, 2000)
  12. TLC-1 "Teaching Light and Color" (Thomas D. Rossing and Christopher J. Chiaverina, 2000)
  13. TE-1 "Teaching Electronics" (Dennis C. Henry, 2002)
  14. RPS-1 "Research in Problem Solving" (Leonardo Hsu, Eric T. Brewe, Thomas M. Foster, and Kathleen A. Harper, 2004)
  15. AER-1 "Astronomy Education Research" (Janelle M. Bailey and Timothy F. Slater, 2005)
  16. TMGR-1 "Teaching the Mathematics of General Relativity" (Robert M. Wald, 2006)
  17. ALIP-1 "Active-Learning Instruction in Physics" (David E. Meltzer and Ronald K. Thornton, 2012)
  18. PhD-2 "Physics Demonstrations" (Richard J. Berg, 2012)
  19. NTUC-1 "Noether's Theorem in the Undergraduate Curriculum" (Dwight E. Neuenschwander, 2014)
  20. SPE-1 "Single-Photon Experiments in the Undergraduate Laboratory" (Enrique J. Galvez, 2014)
  21. TTSM-1 "Teaching Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics in Introductory Physics, Chemistry, and Biology" (Benjamin W. Dreyfus, Benjamin D. Geller, David E. Meltzer, and Vashti Sawtelle, 2015)
  22. RBAI-1 ""Research-Based Assessment Instruments in Physics and Astronomy" (Adrian Madsen, Sarah B. McKagan and Eleanor C. Sayre, 2017)
  23. RBAI-2 ""Research-Based Assessment Instruments in Physics and Astronomy" (Adrian Madsen, Sarah B. McKagan, Eleanor C. Sayre, and Cassandra A. Paul, 2017)
  24. GP-1 "Gender and Physics" (Jennifer Blue, Adrienne Traxler, Geraldine Cochran, 2019)
  25. RP-1 "Race and physics" (Katemari Rosa, Jennifer Blue, Simone Hyater-Adams, Geraldine L. Cochran, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, 2021)
Environmental Physics
  1. ERPEE-1 "Energy: Resources, Production, and Environmental Effects" (R. H. Romer, 1972)
  2. PE-1 "Physics and the Environment" (John I. Shonle, 1974)
  3. SE-1 "Solar Energy" (D. K. McDaniels and M. J. Throop, 1976)
  4. ENC-1 "Environmental Noise Control" (Thomas D. Rossing, 1978)
  5. SE-2 "Solar Energy" (Laurent Hodges, 1982)
  6. GW-1 "Global Warming" (John W. Firor, 1994)
  7. GW-2 "Global Warming" (Michael D. Mastrandrea and Stephen H. Schneider, 2008)
  8. GECC-1"The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change: Earth's Natural Greenhouse Effect" (Stephen E. Schwartz, 2018)
  9. GECC-2"The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change: The Intensified Greenhouse Effect" (Stephen E. Schwartz, 2018)
  10. TEP-1 "Resources for Teaching Environmental Physics" (Kyle Forinash and Barbara Whitten, 2019)
Fluid Dynamics
  1. MPF-1 "Mechanical Properties of Fluids" (R. C. Stanley, 1974)
  2. BD-1 "Bubble Dynamics" (Robert K. Godwin and Edward J. Chapyak, 2000)
  3. TF-1 "Turbulence in Fluids" (Mark Nelkin, 2000)
  1. SEG-1 "Solid-Earth Geophysics" (Paul A. Bender, 1976)
  2. G-1 "Geomagnetism" (Christopher G. A. Harrison, 2001)
  1. GR-1 "General Relativity" (Dieter R. Brill and Robert C. Perisho, 1968)
  2. GI-1 "Gravity and Inertia" (P. W. Worden, Jr. and C.W.F. Everitt, 1982)
  3. NMG-1 "Measurements of Newtonian gravitation" (G. T. Gillies, 1990)
  4. GrW-1 "Gravitational Waves" (Joan M. Centrella, 2003)
  5. TMGR-1 "Teaching the Mathematics of General Relativity" (Robert M. Wald, 2006)
  6. PTG-1 "Precision Tests of Gravity" (Clifford A. Will, 2010)
  7. GL-1 "Gravitational Lensing" (Tommaso Treu, Philip J. Marshall, and Douglas Clowe, 2012)
History of Physics
  1. FC-1 "Evolution of the Electromagnetic Field Concept" (William T. Scott, 1963)
  2. EEC-1 "Evolution of Energy Concepts from Galileo to Helmholtz" (Theodore M. Brown, 1965)
  3. Neu-1 "History of the Neutrino" (Leon M. Lederman, 1970)
  4. HP-1 "History of Physics" (Stephen G. Brush, 1987)
  5. HEPP-1 "History of Elementary-Particle Physics" (R. Corby Hovis and Helge Kragh, 1991)
  6. HCMP-1 "History of Condensed Matter Physics" (Joseph D. Martin, 2017)
Mobile Devices and Sensors
  1. MDS-1 "Mobile devices and sensors for physics teaching" (Martín Monteiro and Arturo C. Martí, 2022)
Modern Physics
  1. SRT-1 "Special Relativity Theory" (Gerald Holton, 1962)
  2. SP-1 "Symmetry in Physics" (David Park, 1968)
  3. IQM-1 "Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" (Bryce S. DeWitt and R. Neill Graham, 1971)
  4. SP-2 "Symmetry and Group Theory in Physics" (Joe Rosen, 1981)
  5. IQM-2 "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics since the Bell Inequalities" (L. E. Ballentine, 1987)
  6. QHE-1 "The Integral and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects" (Cc, M. E. Cage, and S. M. Girvin, 1990)
  7. QIMS-1 "Quantum Interference in Macroscopic Samples" (Sankar Das Sarma, Tetsuo Kawamura, and Sean Washburn, 1995)
  8. GPP-1 "Geometric Phases in Physics" (Jeeva S. Anandan, Joy Christian and Kazimir Wanelik, 1997)
  9. ICQM-1 "The Interplay between Classical and Quantum Mechanics" (Martin C. Gutzwiller, 1998)
  10. SS-1 "The Spin-Statistics Connection" (Caterina Curceanu, J.D. Gillaspy, and Robert C. Hilborn, 2012)
  11. EM-1 "Electromagnetic Momentum" (David J. Griffiths, 2012)
  12. QI-1"Quantum Information" (Frederick W. Strauch, 2016)
Nuclear Physics
  1. ME-1 "Mössbauer Effect" (G. K. Wertheim, 1963)
  2. NS-1 "Nuclear Structure" (M. A. Preston, 1964)
  3. NMR-EPR-1 "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance" (R. E. Norberg, 1965)
  4. PA-1 "Particle Accelerators" (John P. Blewett, 1966)
  5. CR-1 "Cosmic Rays" (J. R. Winckler and D. J. Hofmann, 1967)
  6. NR-1 "Nuclear Reactions" (T. A. Griffy, 1967)
  7. NPE-1 "Nuclear Photographic Emulsions" (M. W. Friedlander, 1967)
  8. Rea-1 "Reactors" (Paul Michael and Robert I. Schermer, 1968)
  9. PD-1 "Particle Detectors" (W. Peter Trower, 1970)
  10. MENP-1 "Medium energy nuclear physics" (Morton M. Sternheim and Justus H. Koch, 1975)
  11. FNP-1 "Frontiers of Nuclear Physics" (George F. Bertsch, 2004)
  12. MP-1 "The Manhattan Project and Related Nuclear Research" (B. Cameron Reed, 2005)
  13. FuNP-1 "The Future of Nuclear Power" (George Flanagan, George Kulynych, and Cecil Parks, 2010)
  14. NSM-1 "New insights into the nuclear shell model" (David J. Dean and Joseph H. Hamilton, 2011)
  15. MP-2 "The Manhattan project and related nuclear research" (B. Cameron Reed, 2011)
  16. MP-3 "The Manhattan project and related nuclear research" (B. Cameron Reed, 2016)
  17. MP-4 "The Manhattan Project and related nuclear research" (B. Cameron Reed, 2023)
  1. PL-1 "Polarized Light" (William A. Shurcliff, 1962)
  2. QSL-1 "Quantum and Statistical Aspects of Light" (P. Carruthers, 1963)
  3. OC-1 "Optical Resource Letter on Colorimetry" (Günter Wyszecki, 1969)
  4. OR-2 "Optical Resource Letter on Radiometry" (Fred E. Nicodemus, 1970)
  5. CCV-1 "Color and Color Vision" (Paul L. Pease, 1980)
  6. L-1 "Lasers" (Donald C. O'Shea and Donald C. Peckham, 1981)
  7. LS-1 "Laser Spectroscopy" (R. Gupta, 1991)
  8. CQO-1 "Coherence in Quantum Optics" (John J. Slosser and Pierre Meystre, 1997)
  9. AOA-1 "Adaptive Optics for Astronomy" (Peter W. Milonni, 1999)
  10. AON-1 "Atom Optics, a tool for nanofrabrication" (Bernd Rohwedder, 2007)
  11. NO-1 "Nonlinear Optics" (Elsa Garmire, 2011)
  12. FCA-1 "Frequency Combs and Applications" (Dylan C. Yost, 2017)
Particles and Fields
  1. SAP-1 "Subatomic Particles" (Clifford E. Swartz, 1966)
  2. TQE-1 "Tests of Quantum Electrodynamics" (Morton M. Sternheim, 1972)
  3. WI-1 "Weak Interactions" (Barry R. Holstein, 1977)
  4. NP-1 "New Particles" (Jonathan L. Rosner, 1980)
  5. Q-1 "Quarks" (O. W. Greenberg, 1982)
  6. GI-1 "Gauge Invariance" (T.P. Cheng and Ling-Fong Li, 1988)
  7. MM-1 "Magnetic Monopoles" (Alfred S. Goldhaber and W. Peter Trower, 1990)
  8. ETDSTS-1 "Experimental Tests of the Discrete Space-Time Symmetries" (Eugene D. Commins, 1993)
  9. CF-1 "Casimir Force" (Steve K. Lamoreaux, 1999)
  10. SM-1 "The Standard Model and Beyond" (Jonathan L. Rosner, 2003)
  11. NSST-1"The Nature and Status of String Theory" (Donald Marolf, 2004)
  12. PBA-1 "Particle Beams and Accelerators" (Alexander W. Chao, 2006)
  13. QEDV-1 "The QED Vacuum" (Walter Greiner and Stefan Schramm, 2008)
  14. QCD-1 "Quantum Chromodynamics" (Andreas S. Kronfeld and Chris Quigg, 2010)
  15. AFHEP-1 "Accelerators for the Future of High Energy Physics" (William A. Barletta, 2012)
  16. ANP-1"Advances in Neutrino Physics" (Maury C. Goodman, 2016)
Philosophy of Physics
  1. PhM-1 "Philosophical Foundations of Classical Mechanics" (Mary Hesse, 1964)
  2. CD-1 "Causality and Determinism in Physics" (Roger Jones, 1996)
Physics and Society
  1. PNAR-1 "Physics and the Nuclear Arms Race" (Dietrich Schroeer and John Dowling, 1982)
  2. PBGP-1 "Physics Books for the General Public" (Hans Christian von Baeyer and Edith V. Bowers, 2004)
  3. PSEn-1 "Physics and Society: Energy" (Art Hobson, 2007)
  4. PSNAC-1 "Physics and Society: Nuclear Arms Control" (Alexander Glaser and Zia Mian, 2008)
  5. MPCVW-1 "Modeling Political Conflict, Violence, and Wars" (Ana P. Morgenstern, Nicolas Velasquez, Pedro Manrique, Qi Hong, Nicholas Johnson, and Neil Johnson, 2013)
Physics, the Arts, and Humanities
  1. SL-1 "Science and Literature" (Majorie Nicolson, 1965)
  2. ColR-1 "Collateral Reading for Physics Courses" (Alfred M. Bork and Arnold B. Arons, 1967)
  3. TLA-1 "Technology, Literature, and Art Since World War II" (William H. Davenport, 1970)
  4. TLA-2 "Technology, Literature, and the Arts, Contemporary" (William H. Davenport, 1975)
  5. PoD-1 "Physics of Dance" (Kenneth Laws and Melanie Lott, 2013)
Plasma Physics
  1. PP-1 "Plasma Physics" (Sanborn C. Brown, 1962)
  2. PP-2 "Plasma Physics: Waves and Radiation Processes in Plasmas" (G. Bekefi and Sanborn C. Brown, 1966)
  3. PWI-1 "Plasma Waves and Instabilities" (Crockett L. Grabbe, 1984)
  4. IMCF-1 "Inertially and Magnetically Confined Fusion" (Richard F. Post, 2000)
Precision Measurements and Fundamental Constants
  1. ECAN-1 "Electronic Charge and Avogadro's Number" (David L. Anderson, 1966)
  2. RMSL-1 "Recent Measurements of the Speed of Light and the Redefinition of the Meter" (Harry E. Bates, 1988)
  3. TFM-1 "Time and Frequency Measurement" (Christine Hackman and Donald B. Sullivan, 1995)
  4. FC-1 "The Physics of fundamental constants (Peter J. Mohr and  David B. Newel, 2010)
Statistical and Thermal Physics
  1. MD-1 "Maxwell's Demon" (Harvey S. Leff and Andrew F. Rex, 1990)
  2. ITP-1 "Information Theory in Physics" (Walter T. Grandy, Jr., 1997)
  3. CPPPT-1 "Critical Point Phenomena and Phase Transitions" (Jan Tobochnik, 2001)
  4. TA-1 "Thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators" (Steven L. Garrett, 2004)
  5. CS-1 "Complex Systems" (M. E. J. Newman, 2011)