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Reviewers – General Information

First and Foremost — Thank You!

The American Journal of Physics owes an enormous debt of gratitude to its committed and conscientious corps of reviewers. Your work allows us to identify potentially valuable submitted manuscripts and then to help improve them with your suggestions and constructive criticism in subsequent revisions. Because of the wide scope of papers published in AJP, the relatively high level of its focus, and the diversity of its audience, you are given the difficult, but also, we hope, unusually rewarding task of evaluating articles not merely for their technical correctness, but also for their genuine interest and usefulness.

We recognize our reviewers periodically in print, by name and en masse, but we can never prominently or often enough thank you for everything you do on behalf of AJP and its community.

Resources for Reviewers

For New Reviewers

If you are new to reviewing for AJP, welcome. We hope you will find reviewing for AJP to be an interesting, stimulating, and not overly time consuming exercise. We generally try to limit the subject matter of manuscripts that we send to you to your areas of expertise and the frequency of our requests to two manuscripts per year. Nevertheless, the nature of AJP's mission is such that your opinion on manuscripts outside your areas of expertise can also be valuable. You can help us tailor our relationship with you by indicating in the "Research Interests" field of your profile, your primary and secondary areas of expertise, if you are willing to look at manuscripts in other areas, and any other parameters (e.g., frequency of requests, periods of unavailability, etc) that we should be aware of.

We hope that you may already be familiar with AJP, perhaps you are even a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AJP's parent organization and publisher.) If not, we hope that you might gain access (via a colleague or library) to some recent issues of AJP in order to become more familiar with the types and level of articles that we endeavor to publish. In any event, we would be grateful if you would also take a few moments to read the Statement of Editorial Policy.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

AJP's Audience and Mission

The mission of the American Journal of Physics (AJP) is to publish articles on the educational and cultural aspects of physics that are useful, interesting, and accessible to a diverse audience of physics students, educators, and researchers who are generally reading outside their specialties in order to broaden their understanding of physics and to expand and enhance their pedagogical toolkits at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We particularly encourage manuscripts that discuss projects and activities that can be used directly or indirectly in a classroom or laboratory setting.