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The Olympiad is a nine-day international competition among pre-university students from more than 60 nations. — AAPT.ORG

2013 Physics Olympics Team Banner

Team at University of Maryland

2013 U.S. Physics Team

Each year, AAPT and the American Institute of Physics (AIP) sponsor a competition for high school students to represent the United States at the 2013 International Physics Olympiad Competition. The mission of the U.S. Physics Team Program is to promote and demonstrate academic excellence through preparation for and participation in the International Physics Olympiad.


2013 US Physics Team Scores Five Medals in Copenhagen

US Physics Team 2013 IPhO Travelling Team members

2013 Traveling Team

2013 Travelers Announced for 44th International Physics Olympiad


The 2013 Physics Team Welcome Reception and the start of training camp.


Top High School Physics Students Qualify for the 2013 U.S. Physics Team


2013 Semi-finalists Medal Ranking list.  Semi-final solutions.


Click here for Semi-finalists questionnaire.  Semi-finalists must complete this questionnaire by March 27th to be considered for the US Physics Team.


F=ma exam answers, and solutions


Semi-finalists have been selected!

View a list of Semi-finalists here.

The cutoff score to qualify for the Semi-finals is 12.25 on the F=ma exam, teachers will receive an email with a link to view their students scores.

The Semi-final exam will be emailed to teachers by March 1st, the dates for the exam to be given are March 4-22, 2013. Semi-finals are due back at the AAPT office by March 27th.

Read and share the press release, 2013 US Physics Team Semifinalists Announced.


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