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From 1986 to 2019, the United States Teams have brought home: 66 Gold Medals, 48 Silver Medals, 29 Bronze Medals, and 11 Honorable Mentions. — AAPT.ORG

Register Online or by PDF



Exam Information

Complete the short registration form online or, if utilizing a purchase order, you can download a PDF form, complete and send to the AAPT National Office. We encourage on-line registration. You do not need to supply the names of students who will participate at this time; only the number of students.

  • Please Note that the test dates for the 2019 F=ma exam are January 23, F=ma A, and January 25, F=ma B, ONLY, please check your calendar before registering your students.
  • The F=ma A and F=ma B are designed to cover the same topics and have the same difficulty, but will have completely different questions.
  • It is expected that students will take only one of the F=ma exams, but they may take both exams if they wish.  If students wish to take both F=ma exams, you will need to select, and pay for both dates during registration.
  • We will select approximately 400 students from the F=ma exams to move on to the USAPhO exam.  The two F=ma exams will have different cutoffs for USAPhO qualification, adjusted for the difficulty of each exam.  Students who take both F=ma exams will qualify for USAPhO if either of their F=ma results meet the respective cutoff.
  • If you are not the proctor for the exam, you will need to provide your proctors contact information when you register.  You will need to provide the proctor's email address, and mailing address.

Fee Structure

The fee to participate is $35 ($25 for AAPT Members) per school plus:

  • $8 per student – Downloadable PDF

Exam proctor will receive a password protected PDF of the exam by email.  Scantrons for the students to answer exam questions will be mailed to arrive 3 to 5 days prior to exam date.  After the exam, completed Scantrons will need to be mailed to our external scorer at your expense.


Proctoring Requirements for the F=ma and USAPhO exams

  • Both the F=ma and USA Physics Team exams MUST be proctored.  It is expected that competitors will take the exam at their local school.  Home schooled students should contact nearby high schools, community colleges, or universities to ask if they can take the exam there.
  • In order to verify the identity of exam proctors, we ask that email addresses be official school email addresses whenever possible, ideally associated with a school district or an accredited private school.
  • If you are unable to provide an official school email, then you will need to provide additional contact information for your organization in order to verify your identity and the identity of the organization
  • Testing centers will need to acknowledge that they are a testing center, and provide a web address to verify their status.

PLEASE NOTE: AAPT does not refer or arrange test centers, teachers or proctors for the F=ma and USAPhO exams.

Contact Information

For more details and information about the U.S. Physics Team, please contact AAPT's Programs department at 301-209-3340 or programs@aapt.org