Video Contest

Note: AAPT is not currently running this contest, but may continue it in the future

Are you looking for the 2010 Membership Video Contest?

Please see the 2010 "Why I Belong" Video Contest Rules & Information Page.

The 2006 results are in! Visit the Video Contest Results page for the latest list of winning entries.

The video contest is open to any high school student or faculty member. Submitted videos should demonstrate physics in action. The video must have been taken by the submitting student or faculty member.

Entries will be judged during the annual AAPT Summer Meeting, and will be evaluated based on their suitability for instructional use. Professional editing is not required. Videos must be VHS format. The video may not be longer than five minutes in length.

There are two categories: Faculty and Student.

Guidelines for a Better Video

Leave at least 15 seconds of lead tape before the video starts. In other words, do not start at the very beginning of the tape, as dubbing on to the master tape may lose the first 10 seconds of the video.

Check the contrast between any text and the background. Readability is crucial.

Do not let the background music overtake any voice-over messages. If we can’t hear the message, we will not understand the lesson.

Relating the physics lesson to a story line has been popular with the judges in the past.

Humor is good, and bad physics doesn’t “make the cut.”

Credits at the end of the video are useful but should not be very long.


Videos must be accompanied by a card with the author's name, home address, school, school address, school phone number, category (and instructor's name if applicable) printed on the card.

If more than one entry is on a tape, the label on the tape must indicate the number of entries and the students’ names. A separate card for each additional entry on the tape must accompany the tape.

Send videos to:
Beverly T. Cannon
4220 Emerson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205-1099


Entries must be received by May 15.