High School Physics Photo Contest2018 Natural 1st Place Winner


Registration Information (March 1 - May 15)

Step One:  Teachers must REGISTER ONLINE (School registration closes May 15th, students can register their photo until May 17th, midnight EST, see Step Two) first and will be provided with a payment confirmation/order number that the students from their class (teachers cannot share this confirmation/order number with other teachers at their school) will use to complete the registration process. There is a $5 fee per photo for non-members and AAPT members can submit photos free of charge.  There is a limit of 15 entries per school each year.
Step Two:  Students will use the payment confirmation/order number provided by their teacher to go online and register and upload their photo.  PLEASE NOTE: the deadline for student's to register and upload their photos is May 17th, this form will close at midnight on the 17th, eastern standard time.
Step Three:  Students must mail their photo, registration form and signed entry agreement to AAPT, High School Physics Photo Contest, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD  20740 (Photos should be postmarked by May 20th, and received at the AAPT office no later than May 28th.)

Students, if you have already registered and need to print a copy of your registration, please click HERE.

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please contact photocontest@aapt.org.

General Information

  • Addresses are used for sending prizes. Email addresses and phone numbers are used for notification of entry receipt and clarification of any problems. The information will NOT be sold, distributed, or otherwise used for marketing purposes.
  • Entrant grants AAPT all rights to the photos by signing the Submission Checklist and Entry Agreement. Submissions will not be returned.
  • Any submission which does not meet the criteria listed in the rules will not be considered.

Student Contest Rules
Checklist and Entry Agreement


For any questions regarding the contest or registration, please contact the AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest at photocontest@aapt.org, or 301-209-3340.