High School Physics Photo Contest
2019 Contrived 1st Place Winner
Penumbra by Christopher Martin Olsen
2019 1st Place - Contrived Category


High School Physics Photo Contest Submission Checklist and Entry Agreement

Submission Check List

____ 1. The following items must be included in the entry.
a) Printed 8" x 10" photo with no additional backing attached to the photo.   Photo should be printed on high gloss photo paper.
b) Printed hard copy from the on-line registration.
c) Signed entry agreement. This prints automatically when the hard copy of the registration information is printed or it may be printed separately PDF or HTML.
____ 2. Addresses are used for sending prizes. Email addresses and phone numbers are used for notification of entry receipt and clarification of any problems. Thank you letters to all entrants and congratulatory letters to the top 100 winners will be emailed. Since notification will occur in the summer, a permanent email address is required. The information will NOT be sold, distributed, or otherwise used for marketing purposes.
____ 3. Entrant grants AAPT all rights to the use of photos, including copyright. Submissions will not be returned.
____ 4. Any submission which does not meet the criteria listed in the rules will not be considered.

Entry Agreement

I have read the rules and agree to all terms and conditions. I understand that if I omit or falsify information, or if I do not sign this form, I will not be eligible for this contest.  Students under the age of 18 must have this agreement signed by a parent or guardian.


____________________________ ____________________________      _________________________________
Name                                       Date                                                   Parent or Guardian

____________________________ _____________________________
Phone Number                           Email 

Send entry to: AAPT, High School Physics Photo Contest, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD  20740 (Photos should be postmarked by May 20th, and received at the AAPT office no later than May 28th.)


For any questions regarding the contest or registration, please contact the AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest at photocontest@aapt.org, or 301-209-3340.