Travel grants

The Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee has limited funds (awards range from $200 to $1200 with a total of $5,000 for all awards) to help AAPT members attend the 2018 Winter Meeting in San Diego to make a presentation. The AAPT Board of Directors approved an additional $10,000 for grants to support travel for high school and two year college faculty who are from underrepresented groups and/or from institutions whose students are predominantly underrepresented. Individuals who qualify should note this on the application form. NSBP and NSHP members are eligible for SP&P diversity travel grants with consideration given to AAPT members. Email the appropriate application form along with all other materials to
The deadline to submit the application is December 1.


Application for AAPT Support for Workshop/Conference/Meeting
Application for AAPT support for International Travel

Criteria for Funding

  • The person requesting must be a member of AAPT (at least one if part of group for meeting). Additionally, NSBP and NSHP members are eligible for SP&P diversity travel grants with consideration given to AAPT members.
  • The request gives quality exposure to AAPT through ability to provide service to members, recruit new members, and/or strengthen AAPT's goal of enhancing physics education.
  • All academic levels appropriate to the conference will be involved in both planning and attendance at the event. For example, if a conference concerns college physics, two-year colleges and four-year institutions as well as research institutions should all be involved in planning and attendance.

The grant application forms contain additional criteria for these awards.

Special Projects and Philanthropy Committee

Membership includes one member from each from the following Area Committees:

Committee on Physics in High Schools
Committee on Physics in Two-Year Colleges
Committee on Physics in Undergraduate Education
Committee on Graduate Education in Physics
Committee on International Physics Education
Committee on Diversity in Physics

Committee members serve two-year terms. Appointed by the AAPT President, the Chair will serve a one-year term and will be rotated among the representative Area Committees.

Description of Awards

"Grant awards are for one year only, although new requests for additional funds in future years may be submitted. The Philanthropy Grants cannot be used for salaries but are to be used for conference fees, travel (including room and board), and registration."   Where practical, the Special Projects monies should be divided evenly among groups (high school, two year college, four year college/university, and research institutions) applying for funds in both planning and attendance.  "A maximum in each year for awards should be based on the budget for that year. That is, in any one year at least two awards should be able to be made in each category (conferences and travel)."  "International travel should include international members (members outside North America) wishing to attend the AAPT Summer or Winter Meetings. This might need to be limited to ensure travel by members to other areas can also be funded."  All awardees are expected to make presentations at national/section meetings of AAPT on outcomes of their award and make a final report to the AAPT grant committee within one year from the funded event.

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