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2022 PhysicsBowl Exam

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2022 PhysicsBowl Exam

2022 PhysicsBowl Exam Results!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, this year’s PhysicsBowl results were compromised in more than one way. The exam itself was available on the internet prior to the actual window of time designated for its administration, the answer key to the exam was made available prior to the completion of the exam, and finally, there were technical glitches that potentially favored some of the students that took the exam via WebAssign. Consequently, we will not be designating winners in any of the normal categories. Rather, we will simply report the scores for each student or team in each division and region.

We recognize that the overwhelming majority of students took the exam fairly and honestly. We also acknowledge the honesty, commitment, and oversight of the teachers/proctors of these students. Thank you to both students and teachers for approaching the exam in the manner in which it is intended. It is because of all of you that the PhysicsBowl continues to be the successful competition that it has always been! Thank you also to both students and teachers for understanding that, in spite of your diligent preparation, hard work, and perseverance, the most that we can report with confidence and integrity is the list of scores as we have them. Due to several factors, both out of our control and potentially impacting the outcome, we cannot provide any rankings beyond the scores that you see.

2022 Results Introduction

2022 Top Scoring Schools/Students - Regions 00-14

2022 Top Scoring Schools/Students - Regions 15-19

2022 Global Top Scores


PhysicsBowl 2022 Participant Certificate

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