How To Enter

Registration for 2024 contest is Now Open!!

Registration Deadline is February 26, 2024.

PhysiscsBowl exams are $10 per student. You will need five students to qualify for team competition.

The PhysicsBowl exam will be administered via printable PDF, or online via WebAssign.

  • You can purchase a secure PDF version of the exam. A password protected exam and instructions will be sent to the proctor via email. You will also receive a printable answer sheet for the exam. Teachers/proctors will need to print the exam and answer sheet, and then scan the completed answer sheets, and email them to AAPT.
  • You can register students to take the exam via WebAssign. Students will need access to the Internet, but no additional software will be needed. You do not need to have an account with WebAssign to use this method, further instructions are at this LINK.

    Teachers should reserve a room and arrange for supervision of the test any one day between March 20 and April 5, 2024, students should take the exam at the same time. 

  • See a list of FAQ's at this LINK.


Registration Deadline is February 26, 2024.

Register Online with a credit card! (Registration will open in early December 2023)


Register with a Printable PDF registration form for checks or purchase orders! If mailing form, please also email the form to

Proctoring Requirements for the PhysicsBowl Contest

The PhysicsBowl exam MUST be proctored. Parents or relatives of students are not acceptable proctors. It is expected and preferred that competitors will take the exam at their local school, though they may take the exam elsewhere if needed.

Homeschooled students should contact community colleges, universities, or libraries to ask if they have proctoring services. PARENTS OR RELATIVES OF HOMESCHOOLED STUDENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE PROCTORS. Parents of homeschooled students may register their children for the exam, but they must provide information for an alternative proctor.

In order to verify the identity of exam proctors, we ask that email addresses be official school email addresses whenever possible, ideally associated with a school district or an accredited private school.

If you are unable to provide an official school email, then you will need to provide additional contact information for your organization in order to verify your identity and the identity of the organization

Proctors cannot be relatives of the student(s) taking the exam. Proctors should have at least a 2-year degree, though this degree does not need to be related to physics. Libraries may proctor the test at a public library, provided they can observe the test to ensure the integrity of the process.

Testing centers must acknowledge their status as a testing center and provide a web address for verification purposes.

It's crucial to note that the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) does not have any affiliation with, does not endorse, and does not recommend any test centers, schools, or other locations that offer proctoring services.

Furthermore, please be aware that AAPT does not facilitate or arrange test centers, teachers, or proctors for the PhysicsBowl exam. We do not maintain a shareable listing of centers or teachers that have participated or will participate in the exam.

School, Teacher, and Student Awards

  • Certificate of Participation will be provided as a printable PDF for all teachers and students competing.
  • Additional awards to be announced.

* School team scores are determined by the sum of the scores of the top five students competing.


For more details and information about the PhysicsBowl, please contact AAPT's Programs department at 301-209-3340 or